A short video about our project. Start from it!

Have you watched this video? Now you know the truth and understand why it's impossible to be silent and do nothing. We set goals and determined the best solutions.There is work for everyone. Our project is like a puzzle, consisting of pieces where everyone can take part.

In the chapter "How you can help" we show the main ways and methods that will make you a really good person who is able to bring the life.

Denis Laptejkin, the author of the project

Three steps of the project

Free primary education. Since 2013, step by step, we began to build a primary school for the smallest children and  we only relied on our own strengths. Now we are going to finish the construction works and begin giving a full education.

№2 The hospice

"The House of Father"

The second part, right after the school, will be the construction of a hospice. We called it "The House of Father". We hope that it will be the place where children who became victims of sexual abuse will get psychological help and find their second home.

№3 The clinic

Free health care

The third stage of the project will be the construction of a free medical clinic.

Our Team

Denis Laptejkin

The author of the project

If people don't learn how to help each other, the human race will disappear from the Earth.

Raushan Khakimullin

The director of the charitable foundation "Goodness For Free"

We clearly understand that sometimes dealing with the problems is not just difficult, but impossible if you do it alone.

Irina Rodyukova

The Project Administrator 

On that day I saw a lot of happy faces and realised that helping other people makes you feel even more happy than those, who receive it.

Oleg Novikov and Alexander Antanevich

Travel company "Another World"

Give more than you get. Suggest without waiting for a request. Share even if you don't have much. Become happy by making other people smile.

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