Done !!! We have printed our booklets with Bible stories in Swahili !!! 500 items! Of course, there were some adventures (our initial design was changed in the printing house without our knowledge, don't even ask why), but this is Africa, baby, so we smile and wave. And today we went to the village of Mangaza (aka Moboromokoni) to hold a meeting with children and distribute booklets. The meeting was attended mainly by teenagers, which we are very happy about. Therefore, we talked with them on deeper topics than we usually talk about with young children. Thank very much to everyone who prays for us, who donates money, and everyone who supports us with a kind word. May God bless you very much and embrace you with His love!
Saturday, 01 August 2020 13:11

Gratitude for financial help

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We thank New Level transport company for financial help to support families this month!
Saturday, 01 August 2020 13:03

Bible stories booklet for our kids!

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Hallelujah! Now we have a beautifully designed Swahili Bible stories booklet for our kids! The 12-page A5 booklet contains 11 stories with color pictures, 2 coloring pages and a prayer of repentance at the end. The children we work with here usually have no books at all in their homes. And with such a brochure in Swahili, they will be able, firstly, to learn biblical stories, and secondly, to learn and practice reading. Prehistory: We faced difficulty to find a book with biblical stories in Swahili here. Perhaps in Nairobi this is not a problem, but in Malindi, we went around all the bookstores and found nothing. There are biblical stories in English, but the reality is that children in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades do not understand English yet. So we have come up with the idea to create a brochure with stories that we could give children at school and elsewhere. We did it together: -Galina Balde were looking for stories in English, edited them, and composed; -Sheron (Quinter's sister) translated them into Swahili; -Quinter reviewed and edited after Sharon; -Marina found pictures and professionally typeset them; -Albina has found most of the finances so we managed to print the first 30 counts. There is even a coloring on the last page. In fact, the colouring page was added, because we had to either remove one story, or to add one. It was a pity to remove even one story, yet so much work was done. And there was no time left to add a story, so Galina and Marina decided to add a coloring page, although Eva had shared this idea even earlier, when she was consulted on which stories to include in the booklet. The cost of one book turned out to be about $ 1.8. So far we have printed 30 items. But thanks to you, friends, there is an opportunity to print the next edition. Now children and adults who do not understand English can read about Jesus. After all, about 95% of the population in the villages do not speak English.
Saturday, 01 August 2020 12:59

Constructive works at the school in Furunzi

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A while ago Zhenya, Vlad and Sergej have finished working on the doors at the school in Furunzi. Autoclaving metal for 4 doors wasn't a piece of cake since the stress was weak, but it didn't stop the guys. Now the school can be closed and no school desks or other stuff will be stolen. We thank everyone who support our mission in Africa. God bless you in your good deeds!
Saturday, 04 July 2020 17:26

We have built a church!!!

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The first service at our newly built church!
We met Zavadi last August, when we conducted a mini-clinic in the suburb of Malindi, the village of Furunzi. There was an amazing girl and part-time pediatrician, Sofia, providing all possible medical assistance to children from school and the surrounding area. When Zawadi with the baby Emanuel reached us, it was impossible to look at him without tears. Our hearts were dying at the sight of a very small, thin (in his 3 months he weighed about 3 kg!), With a huge and deformed shape of the skull of his head ... Plus, he breathed with difficulty, making terrible rattles ... Zavadi, the mother of the child, of course, turned for help to a local hospital, and her child was given a whole bunch of diagnoses, which I don’t even remember ... I only remember that tuberculosis was one of them. Local doctors did not give Emanuel many chances. According to Sofia, the pediatrician, “Such children only survive with full-fledged inpatient treatment, and they are usually in an incubator.“ We need a miracle at this point! ”- and we began to pray for a miracle, realizing that Emanuel would not be able to receive even the tenth the share of medical care available in our country, especially considering that his mother is poor and her husband is in prison. She was looking at us with great hope in her eyes, expecting that we could cure Emanuel or at least help him. But all we could do was praying, helping to buy some medicines and products for the family, and Sofia also conducted a course of professional special massage for the baby. Today, Emanuel is a bt more than one year old. And he is alive !!! When a month ago, visiting the families of our students, we met his mother, we were so happy to see him practically healthy. Prayers work even if the result is not immediately visible. Emanuel is not a perfectly healthy baby yet and he has minor health problems, but he is alive! Last week we started a massage course for Emanuel. Thank God that Albina is with us now, and she is a nurse and she has a long experience as a pediatric masseur. She decided to teach Emanuel's mom how to massage. So, under the strict supervision of Albina, a 10-day massage course was conducted for Emanuel, which was mainly done by Zavadi herself. And the condition of Emanuel's legs improved significantly. And every time we meet, we pray for the baby and his mother and believe that the boy has a great future.
Friday, 19 June 2020 10:21

Helping widows and children

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We keep on visiting our widows. We share the word of God. Today we talked about what conscience is. People are really open-minded and gladly accept us. It seemed that the children, like a sponge, absorbed everything that Eve was talking about. They listened very carefully and answered questions with pleasure. And, of course, in the end, we give these families grocery sets which consist of flour, butter and soap. May the Lord bless everyone who sows generously in our ministry.
Friday, 12 June 2020 08:58

Visiting children from our school.

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It's a great joy to bring happiness to others. Visiting children from our school.