Diana Babahina

Diana Babahina

From Yevgeny Ageev’s message. "I am grateful to God that I once had to go through pastoral service, I made a lot of mistakes in relationships with people, in building communications with people, it was a time of loss, tears and hours spent on my knees, the time of heart formation, I couldn’t understand what it was all for at those times! Today, all this experience gradually helps me to accept people as they are and not only accept, but also serve them, no religious framework, will keep them at the stage of formation, but only sincere and genuine love! And I come to the conclusion that love is a quality that you need to form and improve in yourself, it is a huge and endless work, both as it is in a relationship between a man and a woman, so as in relations between people. You should learn to close turn a blind eye to shortcomings, to keep eyes open to positive qualities and serve despite everything, no butterflies in your stomach will be able to form real and qualitative relationships, but only the decision to please my opponent. I like a place in the Bible, I have been practicing it for many years and it helps me to do everything that a situation or a person requires without looking at appearances! - Eccl 9:10 “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.” And therefore it is often difficult for me to refuse to help people, someone can call it a weakness, but for me, this is a blessing! Love one another despite all drawbacks — love does everything your hand can do, every time you hear a request, always look at your hands and ask the question: “Are they able to do this?” if so, do not bother God to bless someone with them, God created you to be the answer for someone in the world of prosperous egoism! After all, the other side of egoism is service to people! "
Saturday, 02 March 2019 09:58

A story of an African family

Visiting poor families from time to time, we appeared in a house where 3 children live all by themselves, without parents. Their mother lives in the village and looks after their elderly grandmother while the children have to live alone in the town to have the opportunity to attend classes at school. The children themselves make food on a fire and bring water from a standpipe. We bought some food, a mattreess, shoes, a school backpack and some toys for them. They were over the moon!
Our teachers and volunteers always come up with new ideas in classes on what is interesting for children. Today was a needlework lesson! Often, children have to wear well-worn clothes that quickly tears. So they wear duds. Today we taught kids to sew buttons on and sew holes! Of course, it is difficult to learn any child from the first time, but we will continue to learn how to do it together. The guys will be able to repair their clothes themselves and not wait for the mother to do it.
Saturday, 02 March 2019 09:55

How they steal at night and get hired

It is hard to resist and not to tell you one interesting story that happened to Madame Eunice on a December night. She says: “I sleep light at night so I woke up from an incomprehensible noise in one of the classes. By the sound, it was clear that someone was dragging something. The building was dilapidated and there was nothing to steal. There was only one option – these were the desks that were taken away. They were wooden, and in Kenya, a tree is worth its weight in gold! But what can I, a woman without a weapon, do at night, in pitch darkness? Judging by the silhouette and sound in the dark, it was a man and he tried to steal the desks from our school! " Madame Eunice, a brave woman, began to shout loudly: "Muisi, Muisi!" - on sukhailili this means a thief. The thief left the desk, run away. After a couple of minutes, judging by the fading sound of retreating steps, Madame Younis realized that there was no one at school. She examined the classes with her experienced teacher's eye, counted the desks, they were all in place. Only one was stuck in the aisle and was abandoned, it was from this hollow sound that the watchful Madame Eunice awoke. The thief who tried to steal the desk, ran away and hid in the nearest building under construction next door. 15 minutes later a man came out to find Madame Eunice, in which she recognized her fellow villager living at the other end of the village. And she recognized him as a thief who attempted to commit the theft of the desks. The thief sat out and pretended that he was walking past the school in the middle of the night. The wise Madame Younis smiled and pretended not to know that this particular man was a thief. There was such a conversation between them. “Madam Eunice, I heard a scream that thieves came to you!” You shouted so loudly that I could not pass by! How can I help you? - Yes, thieves came to us and tried to steal our desks! -Really? I always said that you need a night guard! After all, it is not safe to leave wooden desks in the classroom at night! If you do not urgently find the guard, then this case may happen again! So I can just become your night guard and quite inexpensive. Pay me $ 2.5 and at night I will go to classes and look after your desks. - But I don’t have an extra penny for food, where I can find $ 2.5 a day for a guard! But I will ask our white Denis! -Surely do! Madame Eunice ended her story with an exclamation: "Denis! We urgently need a night guard!" I smiled, once again marveling at the mentality of the local population. “How can I hire a security guard to the school of a man who himself tried to steal our school desks! And if the alert principal did not wake up? What would this story end with? 2.5 dollars, for someone it is little money, but for a month a considerable amount is accumulating, and so far we cannot afford such luxury. Therefore, I believe that one day we will complete the construction of our school and it will have both doors and a lock, and no one will ever steal the future from children. After all, a year ago, our children were engaged on the dirt floor. Only thanks to you and your support, we were able to fill the classrooms with school desks together. I hope that these desks will serve many children to gain knowledge in our school!
Saturday, 02 March 2019 09:53

The school construction

Let's travel to the construction place of our school and see how things are going there ? the framework of the building has been built ?Partly completed roof made of stainless steel sheet These are the photos taken recently. Work on the construction of a school for children is in full swing! ??? Thank you for your help in this affair, together we can complete this important project❤
Saturday, 02 March 2019 09:52

Forest rescue

"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." (James 5:16) The land on which we started the construction of a volunteer center and where we are trying to evolve agriculture, adjoins the state forest lands. Miraculously, it was near us, on a small piece of land, where there were huge perennial coniferous trees. “I still didn’t manage to understand what kind of trees they were, but only two people would be able to grasp such a tree. Therefore, many people when coming to these places pay attention to them and admire the beauty. The rest of this forest has been cut down a long time ago. And in fact, this scrap is the only thing left for a long memory of past glory. But easy pickings lovers don’t let even the last drop of God's beauty to grow in piece. “Once, when I arrived at the plot, I noticed a big car with lumbermen standing by the fence near the park. It was there, yesterday, under the limes of spreading trees where a herd of elephants enjoyed the shadow. They come here in the driest season to hide from the hot sun, enjoy the pine roots and enjoy the breeze from the ocean. And today, woodcutters uncovered their petrol-powered saws and began to cut trees. However, they started wood-felling from the depths of the forest, so that no one could see, but the sounds of the saw were heard very clearly. I had no idea what to do ... ? The next day a serious man came to us at a construction plot in well-pressed clothes straight from the epicenter of the sawmill. He was curious about who is building this building and what will is going to be located here. After we had got acquainted, it turned out that he was the head of woodcutters. He said that he has official permission from local authorities to cut down all these trees. I learned from the locals that he is not the first here. In Kenya, wood is considered to be so precious as gold. “There are a lot of bushes here, there are baobabs, but they are useless, there are not enough trees of good quality and everything is brought in and costs a great deal of money. Do you remember when I was told to pay $ 3.5 only for one stick for our fence. Just imagine how much each tree costs on the black market. This forest will make this person very rich. And surely he will share with those who gave him permission to cut down the trees. I was very upset as not only elephants but also monkeys lived in that forest and this was the last drop of beauty from the former huge forest called "Arobauko Sakoka Forest". If it is cut down, there will be no large trees in the region anymore. “Realizing my powerlessness as a tourist and understanding that the most important argument in this matter is money, Denis began to pray. Finding oneself in a situation where everything is on the verge of the impossible and there is no hope for a human, God does miracles – this is verified. The conditions are simple - do not hesitate and do something. Therefore, I began to pray. Especially when my ears heard the sound of a saw. “By proclaiming that this forest will not be cut down, I said:“ Lord sent your angels to save this forest, I do not know how you do it, but I know that you are God and you really do it. I have no idea how exactly you created this universe but I know that You created it. And if everything moves by You and everything is arranged by You, then You are the One Who can stop even this deforestation, even if for all objective reasons the forest has matured and needs to be cut down. I ask You to save these trees! ". ? A week has passed. Nothing has changed. Woodcutters felled trees one after another. Denis continued to pray, as he was told one morning that a decree had been issued by the government, according to which all wood-felling throughout Kenya was stopped in the next 90 days. It turns out that the government decided to count all the trees that are in the territory and estimate the damage from uncontrolled deforestation during these years. A program has been developed to protect the remaining trees and plant new ones. Cutting down of trees was prohibited even in the territory that belongs to the owner. It began to be severely punished and there was even every chance of going to prison if you break the law. What do you think? Our wood- felling has stopped !!! The second week passed, the third, the month, the second month, the fifth, the tenth, and the forest stands unharmed !!! Today I admire them and understand how amazing the Lord God is. I understand that only He could do it. No other objective reasons could stop the cutting of the last shred of the forest !!! The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much! Only believe and do not doubt! Everything is possible!
We together with the children were drawing using paints yesterday! Oh, how problematic it is while drawing putting sheets of paper on benches, when the wind blows away your sheet if you get distracted for a moment, and it’s typical of children to do it quite often. Besides, considering that children use paints only for the second time in their lives, we had to explain the particularities and rules of using paints and brushes that seem obvious to us, but not to children who see them for the second time. Moreover, we did not just draw for fun, we participate in the drawing competition held in Bryansk. And the topic of our drawings is "Football Championship" and "My Family". Tomorrow we will continue to draw, but we will take other topics! Thanks to Larissa Drakina for a possibility of participating in this contest, and the opportunity to win prizes. In our plans, there is a construction of a school for poor children in Malindi. ✅We are raising funds to build a school using the Boomstarter crowdfunding platform❤ ✅a card of the Sberbank Bank of Russia: 4276 1340 0294 3682 https://boomstarter.ru/projects/574724/prinesi_zhizn_ .. https://boomstarter.ru/projects/574724/prinesi_zhizn_ ..
Tuesday, 19 June 2018 22:27

Cadenga's father was bitten by a snake!

Friends, we’ve got bad news.. Cadenga's father was taken to hospital after a snake bite. It was necessary to get 40 $ (2500 rubles.) to pay the hospital bill. On Friday night Kadenga’s father was bitten by a snake, the leg began to ache and swell, the temperature was getting higher and higher during the night and the situation became quite bad in the morning. We didn’t go to hospital to the utmost, because it is very expensive. And only on Saturday the father, being in a terrible condition, was brought to the hospital, he was immediately hospitalized, and a treatment was prescribed. Today he feels much better, the treatment has brought results and he was discharged. Although the amount of 40 $ (2500 rubles.) by our standards is not large, but not for the locals. The family has no money to pay a hospital bill, they have already went to expense on medicine and injections. Cadenga's father is 70 years old, and there are no pensions in Kenya, only state employees can get it. But thanks to you we raised the needed sum of money and on June 19 Cadenga ’s father was discharged from the hospital, thank God !!! He left the hospital with a wand, limping slightly and now he will be at home to carry on treatment and take medicine)) All this time his wife took care of him and almost all the time she was in the hospital beside him. The last photo is picture of Cadenga’s mom and dad Thanks to everyone who helped pay the hospital bill, this is a real miracle for this family!
The 16th of June is International Day of African Children, also known as the Children's protection Day of Africa! Children are the most vulnerable and defenseless part of the population in any society. They can not stand up for themselves - the only hope is we, the adults. In Africa, children are even less protected than in many other parts of the world. We see how step by step the situation is changing for the better. Fewer and fewer children in Africa are dying of hunger, more and more children have access to clean water and at least to primary education. This is not happening in entire Africa yet, not as quickly and intensely as we would like, BUT THIS IS HAPPENING! And it's so amazing that you and we together are witnesses and participants in these changes. More and more people realize that there are no small actions and little assistance. Everyone, absolutely, everyone can change the world, not alone, but ALL TOGETHER AND WITH GOD'S HELP. Thank very much to everyone who support us in prayer and who helps financially. We by ourselves wouldn’t cope, only all together, united, we bring life to the places where it is needed. If you want to participate in our projects, write to us, we will be glad to show and tell you everything about the project and how you can be of assistance. # bring in life #bringlife # africa #malindi #kenya #mission ✅?We are raising money to build a school in Malindi with the help of Boomstarter ❤ https://boomstarter.ru/projects/574724/prinesi_zhizn_ ..
Saturday, 20 January 2018 11:37


NEW CLOTHES FOR OUR AFRICAN KIDS!:) Nastya's friend presented T-shirts to the children! ??? And Nastya herself now also has new clothes! ? Sometimes you run about so much that you even take no notice whether you ate, slept and what you got dressed in... So, when the director of our school, Eunice, saw Nastya's new dress, she said: "It's beautiful! That's good, 'cause there were the same clothes on you every day!)" And everyone laughed ??? It has already become customary for us to buy a new dress when we get the salary, getting up in the morning and going to the wardrobe, we often do not know what to wear ... Fiends, you know, children in Africa do not ask this question. Do you think they just know how to make a fast choice? Unfortunately, they simply do not have anything to choose from ... So their choice is made very quickly ... We hang a new thing in the closet and in a week or a couple of months, we can forget about it. Here, in Malindi, a new T-shirt can be worn all over the year and a kid, wearing it, is so happy and grateful for it, as for the best gift! Our kids teach us to appreciate what we have and to be grateful for everything! ??? So, congratulate us with new dresses and, please, appreciate what you have) Be so happy, as we are happy now! :)
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