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Wednesday, 16 June 2021 10:24

School desks are ready!

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After 3 weeks of manufacturing, coordination and painting, as well as adventures that come from nowhere, they were made for us. I want to note that the design of the desks was agreed upon differently and the upper part itself had to be wider. Yes, and they were supposed to be made of mango wood, but in the end everything turned out differently as always. The main thing is that now 20 new desks will go to a new school in the Mwangaza settlement, and 2 will complement our school in Furunzi. Thank you all for the opportunity to make this world a better place! We do it together with you!
Saturday, 15 May 2021 11:51

Every time we come across new surprises

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When we planned to build a second school, we were shown a place behind the church. It was flat land and in general no problems were foreseen with it. However, later, already a few weeks before the construction, it turned out that the school would be in a different place, namely, on a hillside. I immediately said that there is a large drop in the ground and it will take time to level. However, the bishop, who lived nearby and promised to oversee the construction, convinced the opposite. They answered me: “This is not a problem and we will quickly level everything. I have already agreed that the locals will come and help.” For several weeks I insisted that everything should be done in advance, but I was again persuaded. When there was nowhere to retreat, we started the first work, but no one came to the rescue. The deadlines were burning and we had to hire people to level the soil ourselves. A little later, we realized that if we didn’t build a block platform for the second class and raise it a meter, then during the rainy season it would simply be washed away. So the design immediately became more expensive and the possibility of buying desks became questionable...
I don’t build anything, but the organization and coordination of all issues that arise in the process of construction are on my shoulders. And there are a lot of questions. Starting from what the school will be like as a whole, ending with what materials will be used, construction features, procurement, estimates and much more. Constantly, on a motorcycle from one point to another. During these days, we have already purchased support poles and cemented them. We purchased all the necessary materials for the roof and walls. Here, every purchase is a continuous adventure, because they constantly want to take more money from you and you need to prove that you are not just a white tourist. For example, when the iron sheets for the walls and ceiling were calculated for me, the cost of one was more than $10/a piece. But when I drove through all the shops in the city, after haggling in each, the price dropped by $ 1.5. You need to buy 105 sheets, so the savings amounted to about $140. And it's ubiquitous here. You have to ride and fight at every turn. In addition, the next construction nuances constantly pop up and our budget always jumps over the initial bar declared by the builders. Now the purchase of desks for the new school, and there are 48 of them, is in question. Indeed, due to the fact that the piece of land that was allocated to us at the last moment for construction turned out to be on a hill - the floor level difference is 2 meters. Now we need to build an additional foundation, make masonry from blocks and reinforcement. This led to a strong rise in prices. So now we really hope to fit into the budget. Otherwise, we will have to turn to you for help. I am finishing this message and running to buy 800 stone blocks for the foundation. Thanks for your prayers and support!
The first school was built in the Furunzi settlement, and the second school will be located in another part of Malindi, in a suburb called Mwangaza (Maboromokoni). Why did we decide to build a school for the little ones here? It has already been about 3 years since we started our activities in this part of Malindi. The regional bishop, Alfred Magambo, at our first meeting, immediately spoke about his dream to build a school for the smallest here. It does not exist in this region. Those kids, who want to learn must independently overcome about 5 km to the nearest school. Cross the dangerous track and face many other dangers. At the age of 5-7 years - it is extremely difficult. After sharing his experience for them, the bishop took from his desk an architectural design of the school, for which he was then praying. There is a project, but sponsors were needed. It was very expensive for us too. We explained that we ourselves live by faith and if we do anything, we rely on God and on the people whom he will send us to carry out our plans. As a result, we prayed and shelved this idea. A few years later, when Sergey Zaikov came to me again on the Bring Life mission, we talked to him about this topic. After some discussion, we decided together with him by faith to build some elementary school classrooms. We agreed that we would collect donations 50 to 50. Half of the cost should be covered by me, and the other by him. So we agreed at the end of January 2021. We decided that in April he would come and we would start announcing and building. I recorded a video clip just then, but for some reason I forgot to post it. A week later I realized why! Sergei was invited to an event, organized by businessmen, where he shared his work in the field of charity. When he talked about Africa and the work they were doing on their mission trips, as well as the planned construction of a school, one of the businessmen became interested in the idea. As a result, he blessed Sergey with money, on which we want to build these several classes. I coordinated the estimate with local builders and the bishop back in February. We hope that we will be able to fit into it. I am in no hurry to declare definitively, but let's hope and pray that we will succeed. Yesterday I started purchasing materials and work has already begun on leveling the ground and installing support structures.
Today we celebrated the successful completion of the term in our school. The children sang songs and danced. We organized a delicious lunch and presented graduation gifts. The gifts included 2 notebooks, a pencil, a sharpener, a toothbrush, paste and soap. It was not in vain that we put hygienic products as a gift, in Africa this is very important. Not even all adults know about its importance and not all keep hygiene. Several posters were prepared on how and when to wash, as well as how to properly brush your teeth. Galina prepared and conducted a detailed lesson on this topic. After the lesson, we immediately proceeded to a festive dinner!
Saturday, 12 February 2022 23:05

Giving a school uniform

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Today we handed out 15 sets of school uniforms for new students at our second school "Mwangaz Bring Life Academy". The children seemed to be unaware of the very fact that they had been given a new school uniform. They were very serious and tense, but as soon as they started trying on clothes, their faces immediately changed. In a word - the children were just happy. Thank you very much to each of you for the opportunity to give them this joy.
Saturday, 01 August 2020 13:03

Bible stories booklet for our kids!

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Hallelujah! Now we have a beautifully designed Swahili Bible stories booklet for our kids! The 12-page A5 booklet contains 11 stories with color pictures, 2 coloring pages and a prayer of repentance at the end. The children we work with here usually have no books at all in their homes. And with such a brochure in Swahili, they will be able, firstly, to learn biblical stories, and secondly, to learn and practice reading. Prehistory: We faced difficulty to find a book with biblical stories in Swahili here. Perhaps in Nairobi this is not a problem, but in Malindi, we went around all the bookstores and found nothing. There are biblical stories in English, but the reality is that children in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades do not understand English yet. So we have come up with the idea to create a brochure with stories that we could give children at school and elsewhere. We did it together: -Galina Balde were looking for stories in English, edited them, and composed; -Sheron (Quinter's sister) translated them into Swahili; -Quinter reviewed and edited after Sharon; -Marina found pictures and professionally typeset them; -Albina has found most of the finances so we managed to print the first 30 counts. There is even a coloring on the last page. In fact, the colouring page was added, because we had to either remove one story, or to add one. It was a pity to remove even one story, yet so much work was done. And there was no time left to add a story, so Galina and Marina decided to add a coloring page, although Eva had shared this idea even earlier, when she was consulted on which stories to include in the booklet. The cost of one book turned out to be about $ 1.8. So far we have printed 30 items. But thanks to you, friends, there is an opportunity to print the next edition. Now children and adults who do not understand English can read about Jesus. After all, about 95% of the population in the villages do not speak English.
Friday. Biblical class at school. The topic is "God never changes". Galina brought her photos as a child as an example of the fact that everything around us and we ourselves change with time but God was and is and will always be the same! If He said that He loves us and will never abandon us He will not change His mind. He can't stop loving us even if we did. And this incredible news is the Gospel.
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