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Friday, 20 May 2022 11:58

Construction News

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It has been a month since we have been working on the construction of the 3rd grade school in Mwangaza. The builders promised that they would finish faster, but the rainy season and traffic disruptions dragged out this process. What has already been done? - foundation - class walls - roof Now we are doing the floor and proceed to the finish! It should turn out beautiful!
At first I did not believe that now we could succeed, but deep down I felt that this idea should not be abandoned! And the other day Sergei Zaikov wrote to me saying that he has the principal amount for the construction of the school and at the end of next week he is flying to us! Yesterday, together with the architect, foreman and bishop, we finally decided on the place, made measurements, and today in the morning the builders began to dig and prepare the ground for the foundation! This time the school will not be iron, but block! Also, architect Yuri Naumovich recently contacted me and said that he wants to make a project for our school in Mwangaza, where we will place future classes on the plan of our site and think over the entire infrastructure, which will include not only classrooms, but also a canteen, a playground, everything you need for the full development of personality! I am very happy! We continue to do!
Wednesday, 22 December 2021 10:47

It's Christmas for us!

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After preparing the gifts, we proceeded to distribute them in Furunzi. But it was not just a distribution, but a whole range of events, because at the same time with the holiday we also have the end of the academic quarter. We started with words of welcome, congratulations to students and parents. Dances, songs and games followed. Even the teachers took part in the games! What is a celebration without a gala dinner? And what is Christmas without presents? In general, the gifts were different. The basic gift consisted of 2 kilograms of cornmeal, 2 kilograms of wheat flour, butter, notebooks and pens, greengrams, milk, soap, biscuits, sweets and toys. For some families, we have prepared individual, enhanced gifts. Some got mattresses, and someone else got mosquito nets. In a word - the holiday was a success! Thank you for the opportunity to give children joy and change their lives for the better!
Saturday, 01 August 2020 13:11

Gratitude for financial help

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We thank New Level transport company for financial help to support families this month!
Sunday, 12 April 2020 12:31

Helping Keniyan kid Gilberg....

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At this difficult time, especially for poor families, @galina_holymix and I visited Gilberg. We brought him a grocery set. Thanks to Aisul @ aisulu.aljan for helping this child. As you can see in the photo, he looks good. However, if we recall some time ago, he was very weak and very thin because of poor nutrition. Thank God that there are caring hearts that can help. Even the smallest thing can save someone's life. Very soon we will go to a village where many families are literally starving and we will bring them food packages.
Friday, 13 March 2020 17:50

A local hospital

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A local hospital...appreciate what you have in your countries, don't take it for granted
It was a long and fruitful conversation. We have outlined the main directions, towards which our team can move, and decided on the timing of the events. I was very inspired from talking with Mr. Khamis Bakari. I especially liked his view and approach to spiritual values and God. He's a Muslim though there are 2 Bibles laying on his desk, which he carefully studies. It was joyful to hear him quote the words of Jesus and accurately identify the places where they were written. Thank God that there are such people in Kenya.
Wednesday, 29 January 2020 18:33

Medical days in BringLife Mission

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Apart from the construction site, we are conducting medical days, where Maria as a certified medical specialist examines children and administers first aid. In the case when special treatment is needed they take the child to the hospital, where the doctor gives his opinion and prescribes medications. All medicines must be certified solely in Kenya. We follow all the instructions.
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