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In addition to Bible lessons about faith and trust in God, songs and dances, there were many active games and creative tasks: to go through an obstacle course with your feet tied, collect puzzles, leave your creative imprint and a culinary master class! The last 2 years of the camp we have been doing thematic! The very first was called "Holy & Happy" This time the Bible lesson was dedicated to the faith of Abraham, how to trust God in the most incomprehensible situations and follow him into the absolutely unknown! They talked about the faithfulness of God, that He always fulfills all His promises! And on the example of the story that happened to Abraham and Sarah in Egypt, we, together with the guys, concluded: even if we make mistakes, do something out of our own stupidity, God always forgives and also loves! We try to conduct lessons in the form of theatrical scenes, performances, show cartoons so that the children have associations in their heads! And after the lesson, we repeat what we talked about again :)
The team and I carefully prepared, made a list in advance and bought everything necessary so that the children really feel the holiday and study evokes only positive emotions in them :) How do we usually organize graduation? - First of all, we pay for the final exams, we rent a costume for everyone, we print personalized certificates - Then we prepare a small gift for each child - a set of stationery from notebooks, pencils, pens - We decorate the room with balls, flowers and everything that is at hand - Cooking a festive cake-pie!) This is a special process, Madame Yunice cooks a biscuit on a fire (it's still a mystery how she does it), and Galina prepares cream and decorates with fruits! It is currently impossible to find a delicious cake in Kenya, they are all either too sweet or too dry to be eaten, so we bake them ourselves and they turn out much better than those sold in stores!) - And, of course, a festive dinner! The locals helped us cook rice with vegetables and chicken! We also brought cookies, sweets and mangoes! For children, this is real happiness, since sweets and meat are very rare for them! It is a great joy to see and participate in the formation of a new generation here in Kenya! Despite crises, uncertainties, stresses, continue to do what you can here and now! Further, according to our plans, we have children's camps, this is no less responsible event, but I am sure that we will succeed!
Today is an unusual day. To be more precise, a holiday! The Bring Life project is celebrating its 5th birthday, its first anniversary! These guys in the photo - Maxim and Katya Kharkhardins, together with their children, came with me 5 years ago to Africa to start ... But really, the most important thing is to start! And we started, and now we sit together at the table and remember how it was! How many adventures, obstacles and at the same time incredible miracles were on the way... And how many more will be! Surprisingly, after a while we are all together again in Kenya, only now there are already 2 schools here where children can learn, communicate, be full and have fun! In remote villages, people have access to water, and therefore life!) Now wonderful guys live and work next to me, who can really be called a team! And we do all this together with you! I am happy and I want to say thank you to everyone who walks this path with us, even just watching us on social networks, supporting us with your comments, it really inspires us to go and not stop! I wish us to see even more happy faces, transformed lives, changed destinies! This is the meaning of everything we do