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Bible stories booklet for our kids!

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Hallelujah! Now we have a beautifully designed Swahili Bible stories booklet for our kids! The 12-page A5 booklet contains 11 stories with color pictures, 2 coloring pages and a prayer of repentance at the end. The children we work with here usually have no books at all in their homes. And with such a brochure in Swahili, they will be able, firstly, to learn biblical stories, and secondly, to learn and practice reading. Prehistory: We faced difficulty to find a book with biblical stories in Swahili here. Perhaps in Nairobi this is not a problem, but in Malindi, we went around all the bookstores and found nothing. There are biblical stories in English, but the reality is that children in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades do not understand English yet. So we have come up with the idea to create a brochure with stories that we could give children at school and elsewhere. We did it together: -Galina Balde were looking for stories in English, edited them, and composed; -Sheron (Quinter's sister) translated them into Swahili; -Quinter reviewed and edited after Sharon; -Marina found pictures and professionally typeset them; -Albina has found most of the finances so we managed to print the first 30 counts. There is even a coloring on the last page. In fact, the colouring page was added, because we had to either remove one story, or to add one. It was a pity to remove even one story, yet so much work was done. And there was no time left to add a story, so Galina and Marina decided to add a coloring page, although Eva had shared this idea even earlier, when she was consulted on which stories to include in the booklet. The cost of one book turned out to be about $ 1.8. So far we have printed 30 items. But thanks to you, friends, there is an opportunity to print the next edition. Now children and adults who do not understand English can read about Jesus. After all, about 95% of the population in the villages do not speak English.
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