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How is it - to paint for the second time in the entire life?

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We together with the children were drawing using paints yesterday! Oh, how problematic it is while drawing putting sheets of paper on benches, when the wind blows away your sheet if you get distracted for a moment, and it’s typical of children to do it quite often. Besides, considering that children use paints only for the second time in their lives, we had to explain the particularities and rules of using paints and brushes that seem obvious to us, but not to children who see them for the second time. Moreover, we did not just draw for fun, we participate in the drawing competition held in Bryansk. And the topic of our drawings is "Football Championship" and "My Family". Tomorrow we will continue to draw, but we will take other topics! Thanks to Larissa Drakina for a possibility of participating in this contest, and the opportunity to win prizes. In our plans, there is a construction of a school for poor children in Malindi. ✅We are raising funds to build a school using the Boomstarter crowdfunding platform❤ ✅a card of the Sberbank Bank of Russia: 4276 1340 0294 3682 .. ..
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