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How they steal at night and get hired

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It is hard to resist and not to tell you one interesting story that happened to Madame Eunice on a December night. She says: “I sleep light at night so I woke up from an incomprehensible noise in one of the classes. By the sound, it was clear that someone was dragging something. The building was dilapidated and there was nothing to steal. There was only one option – these were the desks that were taken away. They were wooden, and in Kenya, a tree is worth its weight in gold! But what can I, a woman without a weapon, do at night, in pitch darkness? Judging by the silhouette and sound in the dark, it was a man and he tried to steal the desks from our school! " Madame Eunice, a brave woman, began to shout loudly: "Muisi, Muisi!" - on sukhailili this means a thief. The thief left the desk, run away. After a couple of minutes, judging by the fading sound of retreating steps, Madame Younis realized that there was no one at school. She examined the classes with her experienced teacher's eye, counted the desks, they were all in place. Only one was stuck in the aisle and was abandoned, it was from this hollow sound that the watchful Madame Eunice awoke. The thief who tried to steal the desk, ran away and hid in the nearest building under construction next door. 15 minutes later a man came out to find Madame Eunice, in which she recognized her fellow villager living at the other end of the village. And she recognized him as a thief who attempted to commit the theft of the desks. The thief sat out and pretended that he was walking past the school in the middle of the night. The wise Madame Younis smiled and pretended not to know that this particular man was a thief. There was such a conversation between them. “Madam Eunice, I heard a scream that thieves came to you!” You shouted so loudly that I could not pass by! How can I help you? - Yes, thieves came to us and tried to steal our desks! -Really? I always said that you need a night guard! After all, it is not safe to leave wooden desks in the classroom at night! If you do not urgently find the guard, then this case may happen again! So I can just become your night guard and quite inexpensive. Pay me $ 2.5 and at night I will go to classes and look after your desks. - But I don’t have an extra penny for food, where I can find $ 2.5 a day for a guard! But I will ask our white Denis! -Surely do! Madame Eunice ended her story with an exclamation: "Denis! We urgently need a night guard!" I smiled, once again marveling at the mentality of the local population. “How can I hire a security guard to the school of a man who himself tried to steal our school desks! And if the alert principal did not wake up? What would this story end with? 2.5 dollars, for someone it is little money, but for a month a considerable amount is accumulating, and so far we cannot afford such luxury. Therefore, I believe that one day we will complete the construction of our school and it will have both doors and a lock, and no one will ever steal the future from children. After all, a year ago, our children were engaged on the dirt floor. Only thanks to you and your support, we were able to fill the classrooms with school desks together. I hope that these desks will serve many children to gain knowledge in our school!
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