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So, why didn't you hear and see me last week?)) Suddenly at my birthday (it was anniversary after all) I made up my mind to go to my friends to Mombasa despite the lack of money and the fact that I'll get a long ride home soon. I postponed this travel many times, but God reminded me, that he'll take care and I don't have to worry about money. And I'm more than happy to be near the ocean for 5 days. It was a real gift. One of my longstanding dream was to see ocean and it comes TRUE. It's power, vagary, grandeur and diversity (It's shore changes every day, sometimes denuding it's coral floor and then covering it under the tons of water again) amaze me. But I am a missionary, that's why I have no time to rest)) I mean I have, but not like other people)) Everything needs to be done constructively... First three days I spent in Malindi with a great team of missionaries "Bring Life". Together we feed kids from school in poor area, visited their going up missionary center and planted trees)) And we spoke a lot about plans and dreams of this mission, that God will certainly carry out. Last two days I was in Mtwapa with the team "Time to go". To tell the truth, I fell in love with this team)) The atmosphere of love, acceptance and life reigned there... It's a pity that I was there only two days... But we made the most of the time! Fancy that! How much can do three frail girls (this is the members of the team) when they know their God mission. To be honest, I didn't think that I'll have time to relax, because I went to missionary spots, not in a hotel. But I was wrong. I enjoyed helping guys and visiting ocean!)) Because you feel happy and refreshed, when you can help someone)) So many letters to read)) But I couldn't tell about it in other way.
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