Friday, 22 May 2020 16:16

Visiting widow families and corn planting:)

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Today together with @ evjan7 and Quinter we went to the village and visited the widow families that we did not meet with the last time. Unfortunately, there is no photo, as people are embarrassed to be photographed. We shared the word of God and prayed for people. I shared how God came into my life and completely changed it. In addition, I talked about the fact that there are many temptations in this world, but Jesus gives us strength to resist them. I also was talking about the love of God. Whether you live, serve, it doesn’t matter: you dedicate a small part of yourself to God or all of yourself, if in all of this there is no love of God, then this is nothing. God wants us to do everything we do with great love. I want to note that people in this village are longing for the word of God and, thus, listen carefully. The incredible presence of God accompanied us all day. Jesus is the King! Then, after the service, we stopped at a plantation where Denis Laptejkin planted pineapples. You can look through the photos attached. Share with you that @ solomon_81 With @ evjan7 planted corn. Poor families could definitely use it. Quinter also planted some corn. May the Lord bless these seeds so that we can serve people, and when they see our good deeds, they can glorify our Heavenly Father. Many thanks to everyone who prays and sows in our #bringlife ministry
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