Wednesday, 13 June 2018 11:59

Our kids:))

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It’s so pleasant to see smiles and pleased, satisfied faces of those who were less lucky than you in this life, especially when it’s children! Near 85 children ate to their heart’s content and continued their school day happily. And some children, having eaten a little, started pouring rice into packets in order to bring food to their homes.
Monday, 04 June 2018 07:00


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Today we celebrate international child protection day! Protect our children from poverty, prostitution and violence! You can become a part of the Bring Life project and help us present a lot of happiness and be helpful to these children, that have a lack of usual daily things that make them happy. We use the Boomstarter crowdfunding platform to raise money to build a school. Also you can help by transiting some money to the Sberbank card: 4276 1340 0294 3682
Tuesday, 29 May 2018 08:42

Drawing pictures

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We express big thanks to @Larisa Drakina for an opportunity for the students of elementary school in Malindi to take part in the International competition of child’s pictures “A constellation of talents”. Most of children have drawn only several times in their life. We had to show them how to sharpen the pencils and draw with a brush. As we drew outdoors the wind blew our pictures and paints off on our T-shirts but we succeeded!!!! The main thing that the children were delighted from the very process. And for us, in its turn, it was a great pleasure to see them happy and involved! You can also bring joy to the children in our global project: We collect money for building a school at Boomstarter also a card of Sberbank of Russia: 4276 1340 0294 3682
The first one: today we had dinner in the village Margaret and Sheldaraka. We promised to give a treat to everyone who will help children to clean the house. Because they have noone now. The mom with an infant left to earn money. The second one: our Kadengo caught a malaria. At clinic they gave him lots of pills, washed his stomach and sent him home. We hope that he will mend soon.
Thursday, 24 May 2018 12:42

Children watching their meals!

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I saw an amusing picture how the kids watched over cooking of their meal. Today these photos caught my eyes. I think there is no need explaining how important it is for them. Today Oleg and Marta continue our good tradition of feeding the children on a full-time basis. Thanks to all who are helping us in it! If you want to come to us --> instructions for a volunteer If you want to help us to build the school --> If you want to help us to feed/dress the children or to develop the project --> 1) card of Sberbank of Russia: 4276 1340 0294 3682 2) card of Belarusbank: 4255 1900 5798 6526 valid 08/20 3) money transfer by means of Money Gram or Western Union to the city of Malindi, the country of Kenya addressed to Dzianis Laptseikin
Friday, 18 May 2018 13:05

Adopted grandpa

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One cannot go only with children when you see such grandpas. This is his home. It is made of everything thrown out by people. When Africans see a white man, they immediately ask for money, a mattress, a bed, food, money for education, for clothes. And we understand it all. But when we asked this grandpa about his mattress he ensured us that he has a mattress, showed it and didn’t ask for a new one. For us this is maybe the first case for our presence in Africa. Now it is our adopted Grandpa. He will have everything of what he keeps silence.
PS In condition of absence of entertainment everything can serve as a motive for entertainment.