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Good news – from 17 February Denis won’t be alone anymore! From Minsk returns to help Oleg Novikov together with his wife. They will take a part of school work. This summer he started to train a football team and organized a combat section. He will bring the uniform to continue the work. His wife Marta will work with other children. The guys are now in an active search of sports equipment. If you are in Belarus now and have some items to share – we will be extremely grateful!
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Happy Birthday!

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5 February is the birthday of Denis’ best friend, a pastor, a loving father, an alpinist and a wonderful man – Maxim Harhardin! It was he who together with his family moved with Denis to Malindi and started this project. He was shoulder to shoulder with Denis during those first hard months. It was his family who decided to help this school and raise money for building a house for children. It was he who helped to look for the place of the project and the foundation was laid! Together with him everything started in austere conditions so that the future volunteers could come and continue developing the project. Denis still cooks in his multicooker and recalls all good things that were lived together. Maxim – Happy Birthday, Dear!
Saturday, 03 February 2018 11:28

Denis tells about the building process

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1) About how we the building process goes and nobody knows about it. Why so? 2) About the price of the issue. Who pays and what is the price? All of you remember our spring intriguing stories about the cutting of blackthorns; about the confrontation with the fiery element; about how, fighting for a piece of bread, we were nearly cut by 350 hired workers; how we led water under the scorching sun and guarded the built fence . Of course, if you missed this opportunity, do not be sad - there is an idea to publish the entire history of our project in the form of a book, but we'll talk about it separately. The wood is cut down - the chips fly! Although there is actually no forest there. Only a couple of dead trees and a solid thorn ... About how one match + strong wind nearly made a trouble ... All survived)))) 500 meters of water supply, about 480 fence posts and many other achievements. Then we stopped writing about our labor therapy and everyone probably thought that we just relaxed))) But there were reasons for this. The pressing question: "What should appear first: School or Volunteer Center?" was on the agenda. At first glance, the answer is obvious - "School". But "Who will deal with it?", "Where and how will the volunteers live?" And "Who will pay for their housing and food?" In practice, I was already convinced that usually volunteers do not have money. They are ready to come and work, but you must provide them with all necessary stuff. And to be honest, Africa is an expensive region for a white tourist. The last push to make a decision for me was meeting with two women from Russia in a Kenyan store. They have been living in this region for 10 years. Their reaction to my story was immediate: "Idiot! You are sick! Who needs your school? Look around and try to find the schools that other naive activists tried to run! Throw this idea out of your head. You need a serious base, which will help you to carry out social work for a long time, " - they reproached me. The unexpected meet with Russian women. They convinced me not to start with the construction of the school otherwise it would not last long. I nearly fell into a depression that day. After all, where will I find money for a volunteer center? Then it was clear that we need to start from the volunteer center. The future base will be a place for people who not indifferent to our aim and who also want to change this world. And it is pointless to hope for the help of others in such construction. Then I made a strong-willed decision to try doing everything on my own. I decided not to advertise this building process in order not to distract the attention of people from the essence of the project itself. I thought the people shouldn't be embarrassed with the charges. Let them help to build the school at least. I counted how much money will the building cost with local builders and naively believed that I could do it. To admit it was a big mistake, since it turns out they do not know how count ... But who knew? Meanwhile, I was so naive and sold the car, scraped all my savings, sold my most valuable things. I did not even regret the aquarium fish ... (( My Gray Citroen was my favorite car. For the sake of the project, I decided to sell my treasure. We do not have sponsors. When Oleg sold it and sent me this picture, I even shed a few tears. The stories about people giving their cars to others has always been incredible for me until I did the same thing. So, I became such a giver as a result. Now Denis is dog-poor. Now my hope is in God only. The other part of the loan was borrowed. Of course, it happened not without relatives, and especially I'm grateful to my mother, which is donating me for this project all the time. She is a dentist for more than 30 years. Now she works in the dental center "Raffa", which supports our project very much. The dental center "Raffa", which means "God healer", is located in the city of Minsk and already more than several tens of thousands of people have received both physical and mental healing there. After all, when you can smile again and your smile has become really beautiful - everything is changing around. The site of stomatology Of course, it's difficult for me to ask my mother for money for an African project, but knowing that it's not for myself calms me down. So everyone who was "Raffa"s patient remember that you already automatically helped us! I also want to thank all my close friends who financed this construction, everyone who learned about it and did not remain indifferent. So we came to two construction projects: 1) "School", which we now collect money online. Follow the link and help us building it: 2) "Volunteer Center", where the construction work is currently underway. I will start writing about this one all these days and catch up. I think, there will be enough news for a start...))) If you read up to this point YOU HEROES !!!
Granny gives money to the kid and the girl in return gives it to other kids. Why? Is it a holiday or something? No! Using this method she teaches children to help others, teaches to give. Because a lot of kids keep saying "it's mine, it's for me!" A lot of Africans here have this trait of character. It is very nice when you are surrounded by good people! If you want to help us to build the school --> If you want to help us to feed/dress the children or to develop the project --> 1) card of Sberbank of Russia: 4276 1340 0294 3682 2) card of Belarusbank: 4255 1900 5798 6526 valid 08/20 3) money transfer by means of Money Gram or Western Union to the city of Malindi, the country of Kenya addressed to Dzianis Laptseikin
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NEW CLOTHES FOR OUR AFRICAN KIDS!:) Nastya's friend presented T-shirts to the children! ??? And Nastya herself now also has new clothes! ? Sometimes you run about so much that you even take no notice whether you ate, slept and what you got dressed in... So, when the director of our school, Eunice, saw Nastya's new dress, she said: "It's beautiful! That's good, 'cause there were the same clothes on you every day!)" And everyone laughed ??? It has already become customary for us to buy a new dress when we get the salary, getting up in the morning and going to the wardrobe, we often do not know what to wear ... Fiends, you know, children in Africa do not ask this question. Do you think they just know how to make a fast choice? Unfortunately, they simply do not have anything to choose from ... So their choice is made very quickly ... We hang a new thing in the closet and in a week or a couple of months, we can forget about it. Here, in Malindi, a new T-shirt can be worn all over the year and a kid, wearing it, is so happy and grateful for it, as for the best gift! Our kids teach us to appreciate what we have and to be grateful for everything! ??? So, congratulate us with new dresses and, please, appreciate what you have) Be so happy, as we are happy now! :)
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HOW MUCH DOES A CHILD'S LIFE COST? Cars, clothes, houses ???? - these are the things we surround ourselves with. And we forget about what is inside of us. ? Parents mostly care about feeding and dressing their child, and only some of them are really worried about what is happening in a child's soul. ? Bill Wilson once said: "I appeal to teachers, pastors, politics and parents: "Wake up! We can't ignore the things happening with our children anymore. Why do we estimate the new "BMW" in forty thousand dollars, and a child not meeting our standards we do not apppreciate at all. We can not allow ourselves to discard them!" Let's empathize and support those who are in a worse situation than we. Let's bring life! - 1) card of Sberbank of Russia: 4276 1340 0294 3682 2) card of Belarusbank: 4255 1900 5798 6526 valid 08/20 3) money transfer by means of Money Gram or Western Union to the city of Malindi, the country of Kenya addressed to Dzianis Laptseikin
CHILDREN WILL NOT SLEEP ON THE FLOOR ANYMORE !!!! Yesterday after school, our volunteer Nastya Sholopak with children went on a visit . When they were invited to enter the house, they saw only one bed. And in this house there live five small children and their grandmother! ? She grows them 'cause their parents refused them. On the question "Where the children are sleeping?" they were pointed to the floor on which the piece of linoleum lay! This was the origin of the idea of buying mattresses. The next day, our volunteers went to several different shops in search of a better price. As a result, 2 mattresses were bought. They were brought home and laid out. And everyone was very happy !! Then everyone ate pastries and drank delicious tea cooked on fire. There were also sweets for everyone one, one sweet for a child. So, well-fed, grateful and happy children will spend their first night on the mattress today! For an ordinary person matrass is just a stuff, a reality of life, to which we all are accustomed. But for a child in Africa this is a real feast!!! If you want to come to us --> instructions for a volunteer If you want to help us to build the school --> If you want to help us to feed/dress the children or to develop the project --> 1) card of Sberbank of Russia: 4276 1340 0294 3682 2) card of Belarusbank: 4255 1900 5798 6526 valid 08/20 3) money transfer by means of Money Gram or Western Union to the city of Malindi, the country of Kenya addressed to Dzianis Laptseikin