We are ordinary people. We wake up early, stay up late, study, work... But it doesn’t stop us to be indifferent to others' woes. Our hearts are full of love and compassion. We are not going to be just observers. It isn’t truth that there are no such kinds of people who want to help others. The truth is that everybody has these warm feelings inside their hearts. We are together because we want to make this world a better place. Sympathy alone doesn’t work. Determined, persistent and permanent actions will do. And our aim is to bring life.



My name is Denis Laptejkin. I’m the author of the project «Bring Life», I’m responsible for the construction of a hospice for children. All organizations matter and I’m in charge of the development of this good charity work. I live in Minsk, Belarus. I am the executive director of the dental center "Raffa-Dent" and the author of the project "The Walking Kingdom."

My volunteer activity began in 2008 in the center of pediatric oncology. It is known as Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric oncology & Hematology, Minsk, Belarus. Every week, with the team of volunteers, we visited it after our working day to spend time with ill children to elate them. We believe that a good mood is a guarantee of your good health!

Of course it was not the happiest place on the Earth. Watching doomed kids made my heart bleed. Every time I dressed in a clown costume and presented them not only balloons but what is more important: inner warmth, smiles and love from the bottom of my heart. The love which makes you forget about your own needs. I remember, once in the evening of the 18th of September 2009, we were sitting at a café, as usual tired after visiting the children, we were discussing our results. I switched on my mobile phone and at that moment, there were a call from my friend. «Denis, we couldn’t get you all the day… Happy Birthday!» I realized that I spent my birthday at the Center for Pediatric Oncology. I understand that giving happiness to another is more pleasant that get it – this is the highest pleasure.


My name is Raushan Khakimullin. I am responsible for recruiting volunteers, resources, and materials for developing the Children’s Center. As director of the Charity foundation ‘Gifted Goodness’ I directed the project ‘Bring-life’ on Boomstarter.

The charity and social activities have become more than personal for me. Since 2007, together with friends, I try to help and give hope to those who need it most. For me, charity is not a one-time assistance but a persistent long-term work in practice of social support. It is an activity carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis. That is why our organization is not just a trend shared by public charity, widely reported in the media in Kazan and other cities of Russia, but also is one of the obvious leaders in this sphere.

As a community of like-minded friends, we can’t remain indifferent to the acute needs of people in difficult life situations. Everyone deserves to receive assistance and support no matter their social status, education, nationality or beliefs.


My name is Irina and the most important thing in my life is to be able to help someone in need.
For more than 8 years I’ve been engaged in a variety of social projects. I have traveled through enormous numbers of orphanages in Russia, identifying their needs and tried to help them with the help of relief funds and various people.

In 2012 I visited Africa for the first time, I saw a different world and could not stay the same. With our team, we repaired the orphanage and taught the pupils from poor families at school. There is a huge difference between an orphanage in Russia compared to the barn which they called a ‘school’ in Kenya. It is not that we shouldn’t do anything for Russian orphans, but it is a challenge to make the world a better place for children from all over the world! I am interested in every lonely child without parents who has nobody to take care about them.


My name is Oleg and my friend’s is Alexander. For many years we have been organizing different programs for children and so decided to take the most fun part in this Kenya Project.

We are the representatives of the company “Another World”. Our team is engaged in the organization of leisure activities for children and adults. For more than 5 years we’re working with different charity organizations based on development and recreation for children in Belarus and Russia. But we’re always searching for some new ideas and are never standing still.

We are delighted at the opportunity to take part in this wonderful project and will do everything we can to help. We are convinced what will happen in the world tomorrow depends on the decisions we make today.

We wholeheartedly believe that by using our creativity, we can contribute to the development and promotion of this project.  I am Christina, a compositor who believes music can inspire a person to change and to move forward. My husband Stas is a painter and he is constantly searching for new techniques and subjects for his work.  
It's nice to have the chance to do something useful with our gifts!


We have two children which are the meaning of our lives. My husband works in construction and decoration. I chose to be in education, over a variety of other professions, and studied pre-school management. However, I was mostly concerned about disadvantaged children, whose parents did not want them. I worked briefly in the social protection and every time there was another family my heart bled just looking at the suffering of a hungry child with alcoholic parents.

   The first thing Dennis told us about was the life of children in Africa and the difficulties in their life. We could not remain indifferent and decided to take part in this project. After all, there is no such things as other people’s children.

My name is Mikhail Kostikin. I have a wonderful wife Diana and a little son Mark. At the beginning of our life in common, serving other people was a priority for us. Sharing love in our family, we try to share it with those we meet on the path of life.

One year ago, i visited India in a charity mission. I visited the slums where many families crammed into clay huts and slept on floor. In addition, i visited some lost villages somewhere in the mountains of Himalayas. There were only hiking trails and people lived their primitive ways of life.

How is it possible to help them all?