Hello, my name is Antony Muema Kang'ata.

I am born in a family of seven children been the third born in our family, in the eastern Region of Kenya Kitui district. The area am born is one of the dry places in Kenya Africa with scarcity of food and water. We were raised up with a lot of problems and poverty. When I was in class seven, in my primary level, my parents died. We were left alone to take care of ourselves something, which was very difficult for us. We really suffered lacked food, clothing, education and health. After one year, my elder brother became mad, after that, my sister second born in our family died and life became too hard for us. I decided to join a group of Robbers and I became a very dangerous Robber. Even I have lost some of my fingers. During that time of trouble and problems, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. God called me into the ministry and I went to a town called Malindi, along the coast of Kenya. I began the work of the ministry here.

When I saw the situation of the children of this area: been married at young age, dropping from school and getting into prostitution due to poverty - I remember my life and I decided to have a project that will assist and help this children. I do small business of selling moringa and the little I get I share it with the children in need. I leave with eight children in my family and the rest I support them while in their homes.
I beg each and every one who has a heart to help this needy children stricken by poverty please you are welcome you also make a small donation to help, you also make a decision to come to Malindi Kenya Africa and visit us and God will bless you.
Thank you and be blessed.