My name is Denis Laptejkin. I’m the author of the project «Bring Life», I’m responsible for the construction of a hospice for children. All organizations matter and I’m in charge of the development of this good charity work. I live in Minsk, Belarus. I am the executive director of the dental center "Raffa-Dent" and the author of the project "The Walking Kingdom."

My volunteer activity began in 2008 in the center of pediatric oncology. It is known as Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric oncology & Hematology, Minsk, Belarus. Every week, with the team of volunteers, we visited it after our working day to spend time with ill children to elate them. We believe that a good mood is a guarantee of your good health!

Of course it was not the happiest place on the Earth. Watching doomed kids made my heart bleed. Every time I dressed in a clown costume and presented them not only balloons but what is more important: inner warmth, smiles and love from the bottom of my heart. The love which makes you forget about your own needs. I remember, once in the evening of the 18th of September 2009, we were sitting at a café, as usual tired after visiting the children, we were discussing our results. I switched on my mobile phone and at that moment, there were a call from my friend. «Denis, we couldn’t get you all the day… Happy Birthday!» I realized that I spent my birthday at the Center for Pediatric Oncology. I understand that giving happiness to another is more pleasant that get it – this is the highest pleasure.

Few days later, buying toys and bubble blowers, somebody from our team asked: «Do you remember that pensive 7 years old boy from the Center for Pediatric Oncology? Yesterday he passed away.» Silence... On those days spent at the Center, I come to hate death and the illness stealing human lives. How? Why? With every lost life, these questions worried me more and more. I was searching for answers, books, doctrines. Faced with the lucky ones who won their fight against terminal illness. I have always wanted to know how this miracle happened. Delving into the history, exploring the chronicles, time after time, I found the facts of unexplained, supernatural recoveries of people. Most of them referred to ethereal divine intervention. That time I could not believe them much because I have been searching too long. I found out there were 42 thousands Christian denominations. Whom to believe? Since my childhood, I was searching for God. I attended different denominations but what I heard was only some beautiful words and no more. My grandmother was a health worker and one day she got rectal cancer. Doctors said she didn’t have a chance to recover because of her advanced age and the complexity of the operation. According to the professor’s words: «If the miracle happens and we succeed she will have only one in a million chance to survive.» When she lost up to 15kg, the doctors said she had only two weeks left and, in case of the miracle, surgery would help to prolong her life for a few months. We clung to any chance and agreed to try. On the day of surgery, some of our Christian friends came to the hospital and were praying for my grandmother’s recovery. At that moment, we did not mind about the denomination they belonged to. 21 years have passed, and my grandmother is still alive! All the witnesses of this recovery are still at a loss. Medicine admits there is something that people cannot explain.

  Exploring some cases of supernatural healings and the experience of those who practiced it in their life, I began to see the patterns. Therefore, in 2011 I organized noncommercial project «Walking Kingdom». The aim of the project was sharing the practical experience and visual training methods the principles of life in the way of perfect health. In short: How to become a healthy person? Save it and help others to achieve it.

  My search for the answers on the internet led me to the information about hard life of Africans and in particular children. Therefore, in 2013 I have decided to see it personally and went to Kisumu, Kenya as a volunteer. For a long time I was living there and worked hard in the slum called "Manyatta A".

With my own eyes, I have seen how people lived in African slums:

  • 2x2 meter booth with earth floor which is in the middle of garbage (without any exaggeration!)
  • Lack of water and light
  • High rate of crime
  • Malaria, yellow fever virus, typhus, plague and witch doctors (occupational medicine is very expensive in Africa)

The cost of human life does not worth anything especially the life of a child. Only the strongest survives. Every day there are funeral processions outside.

This situation takes place throughout the whole Uganda where I was living until 2014. Children are exploited as slaves there. They are kidnapped to make them the soldiers of an army of murderers, Joseph Kony in Southern Sudan (surely most of us have seen the sensational movie «Machine Gun Preacher» based on a true story of our days).

  However, sometimes the things, which are hidden from the public eye, are more terrible than the visible ones. I couldn't even think that if everything looks beautiful and quiet, at first sight, can be really dangerous and disgusting behind the scenes.

  Malindi (once known as Melinde) is a town on Malindi Bay at the mouth of the Galana River, lying on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It attracts tourists not only because of a beautiful seaside and pearl shores but also because of cheap sex. Everyone can buy a child for an hour or a night for a penny. A child’s life is worth nothing. Malindi is a paradise for pedophiles and perverts. A large portion of the native residents of Malindi (in some cases, whole families: mothers, fathers and their children!) are all involved in prostitution. Prostitution is the only way to earn money. They are selling themselves just to have something to eat…

  Malindi is far away from you. It has nothing in common with your children and relatives. But you shouldn’t be indifferent if you have some opportunities to help…