My name is Irina and the most important thing in my life is to be able to help someone in need.
For more than 8 years I’ve been engaged in a variety of social projects. I have traveled through enormous numbers of orphanages in Russia, identifying their needs and tried to help them with the help of relief funds and various people.

In 2012 I visited Africa for the first time, I saw a different world and could not stay the same. With our team, we repaired the orphanage and taught the pupils from poor families at school. There is a huge difference between an orphanage in Russia compared to the barn which they called a ‘school’ in Kenya. It is not that we shouldn’t do anything for Russian orphans, but it is a challenge to make the world a better place for children from all over the world! I am interested in every lonely child without parents who has nobody to take care about them.

Two years ago, in Moscow, my friend and me opened a charity shop to support the children. We were selling handmade stuff, made by the children themselves, and we sent the money raised to help the children of Russia, India and Africa.  Currently, I’m occupied with several social broadcastings initiatives and have a great desire to help the development of the project in Malindi.
We can do it together!