My name is Raushan Khakimullin. I am responsible for recruiting volunteers, resources, and materials for developing the Children’s Center. As director of the Charity foundation ‘Gifted Goodness’ I directed the project ‘Bring-life’ on Boomstarter.

The charity and social activities have become more than personal for me. Since 2007, together with friends, I try to help and give hope to those who need it most. For me, charity is not a one-time assistance but a persistent long-term work in practice of social support. It is an activity carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis. That is why our organization is not just a trend shared by public charity, widely reported in the media in Kazan and other cities of Russia, but also is one of the obvious leaders in this sphere.

As a community of like-minded friends, we can’t remain indifferent to the acute needs of people in difficult life situations. Everyone deserves to receive assistance and support no matter their social status, education, nationality or beliefs.


In 2014, we registered the charity foundation ‘Gifted Goodness’ ( and continue to work by providing assistance to children and mothers in difficult living conditions.

According to statistics, Russia today occupies:

  • One of the first places in terms of divorce. The number of broken families in Russia is almost 2 times higher than in Western Europe.
  • 30% of children were born out of wedlock. Since 1989, the percentage of those children almost doubled from 14% to 30%. Of 20 years old mothers, this number is even higher – 45%.
  • In 2014 alone, 240 children were abandoned by their parents in the children’s hospital No.18 in Kazan.


Motherhood is one of the most important periods in every women’s life. However, not everybody faces the it with joy and expectation of happiness. If a child is born unplanned (the mother has not reached adulthood, she is not married, but the child’s father is not planning to take care of her), young mothers and single mothers need helps from concerned people. Nevertheless, whom can they turn to? Members of the charities are often the only people, who can give shelter to single mothers with children, create a center of assistance for them and do everything possible to prevent the girl and her child from living on the street and losing faith in luck. You can find these kind of organizations in every city. Single and young mothers can always ask for help at the charity foundation ‘Gifted Goodness’ in Kazan. We will never abandon them to these troubles.

There is an acute social need for a comprehensive targeted support for children and mothers who are in a difficult situation and at the stage of deprivation of parental rights. Every rejection of the child in the maternity ward can be prevented. Psychological, social and legal assistance can help mothers to cope with problems and successfully raise their children.

In September 2015, my colleagues, a group of volunteers and I opened the Center of temporary residence ‘Hope’ ( in Kazan. The center is intended for young mothers and newborn children, and many children, who are on the verge of abandonment their own children because of the lack of housing, work and support from relatives.



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Thanks to the participation of sponsors on Boomstarter, especially deeply respected Borisa Zhilina (angel-crowdfunding), in March of this year we were able to collect an amount of money for running our crisis center and until this day, about 18 women and 20 small children, 4 of them are newborns, have received support thanks to this project.


Working in the country on charitable projects, I could not imagine that glaring instances of child sexual abuse exist in our time. It seems by the will of God, I met Dennis. It happened in one of our socially oriented project to help people with terminal illness.

He had just returned after another volunteer trip, where he helped orphans from Mwingi, whose parents were killed after the raid of Somali terrorists. He showed me video reports from his trips. I couldn’t remain indifferent to these suffering unprotected souls. They grow up without hope for the future, because from September to February, during the tourist season the local residences, even whole families by tradition start to sell themselves. Against this background, the number of HIV-infected is increasing fast. Due to the lack of medical care, many children live with rotting fingers and toes, swollen from various intestinal pathogens infections. In one word, there are many works, but those who are willing to devote themselves to help others, are a few. Our joy knew no bounds when a group of volunteers from Belarus joined us. They decided to help us with the organization of work and participate in the construction of the first children's educational and rehabilitation assistance center.