Treat your teeth and help the children!

Only for this project, in the framework of programs for children, dental center "Raffa-Dent" will hold the campaign "Treat your teeth and help children!” All profits from the treatments will be directed to the development of the project "Bring Life!".

Dental clinic “Raffa-Dent ( is one of the most advanced, technically equipped and professionally savvied clinics in the Republic of Belarus. Reasonable price, high quality of treatment and professional doctors are always keeping pace with the times. You are free to explore the online reviews of our clinic. . During the treatment in the clinic, all you need is to say that you came from the project "Bring Life" and want to take part in the campain "Treat teeth and help children!”

For those clients, who live in other regions, we developed a program called “Medical Tourism” which our employee will help you with tickets, meet at the airport and accomodate in Minsk.

To make it easier to track your payment, please send us an e-mail with the information about the date, time, name and cost of your treatment in our clinic. Together we will change the world!