Primary School

For the ones who can’t afford
Free primary education. Since 2013, step by step, we began to build schools for children, relying solely on our own strength. Now we are planning to complete the construction works and get them started.

Hospice for children

"The house of the Father"
The second stage, right after the schools, will be the construction of the hospice for children. We gave it the name “The House of Father”. We hope that this will be a place for children, who were the victims of sexual violation, to receive psychological assistance and a second home.

Medical Clinic

Free of charge

The third stage of this project will be the construction of free medical clinics.

Homeless Children

We find them and wash them clean
Our task is not only to wash them, feed them and clothe them, but also to provide them with accommodation and to give them a future.

Drug addiction

"Say No to Drugs"
From our experience, many children living on the streets suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. One of our main goals with the children's rehabilitation center is to save and help such children.


Salvation and rehabilitation children
We are developing a program for the prevention, salvation and rehabilitation for the children who were victims of sexual slavery.

Family on long distance

Become a father or mother for children
This program allows you to become a sponsor of one or more children, and directly participate in their future life. After all, the parents are not the ones who gave birth to you, but the ones who give you the proper care and the opportunity to become a person.

Donate water

The construction of water pumping stations

It is not a secret that Africa has a serious clean water problem. If you want the locals to listen to you, and to build a relationship with you, start with the clean water first. Because water is life.

Feeding homeless people

Help on the streets
Periodically, we feed the homeless. Although everything depends on our financial resources, we would like to do it on a regular basis.

Helping the orphans

Whose parents were killed by Somalian pirates
We cooperate with the hospice for children, located on the border region next to Somalia. Children who are sheltered in this hospice are the ones that lost their parents who were killed by Somalian pirates during their raids on settlements. It is a horrible tragedy, when you live happily with your folks and one day you lose everything, and the most importantly, your loving parents.

The handmade

Making Souvenirs

Our children and volunteers from Kenya enthusiastically engaged in making souvenirs. So that in every household of our sponsors can have a unique and inimitable piece from Africa. You can choose a souvenir thats according to your taste. Decorating your house with these souvenirs, you are helping our children from Africa. Thank you for joining us!

Happy Volunteers

Help and Relax

We have developed a program in which you can not only help the ones who are in need, but also have a good time and a rest. Hot Indian ocean, unique flora and fauna, mountains, baobabs, elephants and giraffes, fishing and scuba diving, juicy and fresh fruits, all year round summer. How could it get even better?


Helping mothers and children

In difficult living conditions
In 2014, we registered the charity foundation “Gifted Goodness” (www.dobrodarom.ru) and we continue to work on providing assistance, in particular to children and mothers in difficult living conditions.

Helping the old people

Home for elderly and people with disabilities
We also help providing housing for elderly. One of these housing centers is "Novosheshminsky boarding house for the elderly and people with disabilities", which today is the  home of 51 people including 4 veterans from World War II.

Center of temporary residence

In September 2015, my colleagues, a group of volunteers and I opened the Center of temporary residence “Hope” (www.centrmama.ru) in Kazan. The center is intended for young mothers and newborn children, and many children, who are on the verge of abandonment their own children because of the lack of housing, work and support from relatives.


Treat your teeth and help the children!

Treat your teeth and help the children!

Only for this project, in the framework of programs for children, dental center "Raffa-Dent" will hold the campaign "Treat your teeth and help children!” All  profits from the treatments will be directed to the development of the project "Bring Life!".