Hello, how are you? ­– A woman asked me, her face hidden under a paranja.
I’m fine, thanks, – I said.
Maybe... do you need a girl to have a good time?She asked without hesitatio.
No, thanks, – I answered.
Are you interested in men? – She persisted.
No, no! I’m not interested at all, – I was short, trying to get rid of her.
Maybe I will bring you a child? Tell me, what age do you like? – нShe continued insistently, to persuade me completely calm and well-rehearsed
This conversation shocked me to the core, but then other people began to offer me similar services. Later I discovered that a large portion of the native residents of Malindi (in some cases, whole families: mothers, fathers and their children!) are all involved in prostitution.
Why? – I asked.
There is no education, no work and that means no money. Prostitution is the easiest way to earn money.
Denis Lapteykin Malindi, Indian Ocean coast


90% of the population in Malindi are muslim and the girls are married early.
A child’s life is worth a penny.
Each generation is trapped in this vicious circle of poverty and prostitution. This is a way of life deeply ingrained in the culture and mentality of many Africans today.
This reinforces the terrible idea of a child’s sexual availability even more.
In addition, the demand for children among tourists of advanced age is very high.
The pedophilia brings with it the deadly virus HIV, and then - a short painful life and slow death.


Attempts to reach out to social organizations in Africa are usually not crowned with success.
Corruption, rotten bureaucracy, fraud. They all want the “white people” to send them money…but the money almost never reaches the destination.

In Kenya many people say that they are supporting children but in reality the money ends up in someone elses pockets.

If you want to achieve great results – do it yourself!
We are truly making a difference - building schools and clinics. All your gifts will be invested towards the future of the children in Africa. Every dollar we spend is accounted for and you can really see the difference your kindness is making in the lives of these poor people. Changing their future from hopelessness and desperation to hope and happiness. Each small gift is breaking the cycle of poverty and prostitution!


Навязывать свою точку зрения на моральные ценности бессмысленно.
Нужно приходить с готовыми решениями.

What will be constructed in Children's Assistance Centre?

Primary School

for the poor

Hospice for children

"The House of Father"

Medical Clinic

Free of charge
In 2013, step by step, we began to build a school for young children. Next, we’re planning to complete the construction works and start the education of children in the region. They are very excited.

The second stage, right after the school, will be the construction of the hospice for children. We gave it the name “The House of Father”. We hope that this will be a place for children, who were the victims of sexual abuse, to receive psychological assistance, a second home and new beginning.

The third stage of this project will be the construction of a free medical clinic.

What has been done so far?

1) We gathered the right people for our team

2) We got permission and support from the Heads of the City

3) Started the construction of the new Primary School

4) Launched the learning program for young children

5) We found the land for the construction of a hospice for children

As of this moment, we have found three acres of land, where we can bring services like communication, power and water. We have agreements with the administration of Malindi and with the local residents, who await on us with hope for December…